Two Quick Things

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First, thanks to Serenity Health for last week’s giveaway.

And congrats to ALLYSON on winning the lovely solar fountain. She won thanks to a repin of the original post.

She writes of her win:

I am in the process of creating a big garden full of flowers and edible ornamental [plants] for my sis for Mother’s Day. We so wanted to put a water fountain in, but there was no money for it in the budget. So not only did I win, so did she. I got to show her the pic tonight and she was just ecstatic!

Allyson has promised to share photos of the final project.

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Second, I’m participating today in a blog hop hosted by Gifted Homeschoolers Forum. My contribution is over at You can find a complete list of the participating blogs over at the GHF Blog Hop page.


  1. I’m still bouncing over it! LOL… We’ve been working on putting up a stone wall. Basically, we have a semi-circular driveway, which comes up from the road and goes straight in a line up to the garage, and has a turn off to the right that goes into the circle. That leaves a V shape bit of lawn where the two driveways split apart. We’re building a stone wall to level out the ground there (currently it dips down from the lawn, up high, to the driveway, down low, a difference of about a foot and a half). Once the stone wall is in (hopefully done sometime in the next week, or two at most) we’ll be dumping in a ton of well composted soil, then putting in all the bulbs and edible ornamentals and such. 🙂 And right near the front, in the place of glory, surrounded by grape hyacinths, will be that fountain! Or at least that’s what we’ve got planned on paper. LOL

  2. Allyson so glad to hear that you are excited! Pamela it was lovely to work with you & just heard the fountain is shipping today (5/7/2013)!

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