Join KLRN and for a Viewing Party of “Raccoon Nation”

Screen Shot of Raccoons from Raccoon Nation“We’re in your computer, teaching you things.”

Dear Friends:

We’ve been asked to help KLRN beta test a new online video player. I’ve sneak previewed it and I am blown away by the educational potential for it, especially for homeschoolers and dedicated afterschoolers.

We’d love to give you and your family a chance to sample this newfangled learning tool, so next Tuesday (July 9, 2013) at 7pm CDT, I’m co-hosting a free online viewing party of Raccoon Nation (see preview). We’ll be beta testing together the online video player’s functions while learning (and chatting in real time!) about urban raccoons. I think you’ll enjoy it!

Full details and registration for the event can be found here.

Feel free to invite your friends!


Disclosure: I was in no way compensated for promoting this event–but I am a KLRN supporter.


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