A Few of My Favorite Recent Sulia Posts

I post daily over on Sulia, and cover a lot of topics ranging from homeschooling to parenting to writing. Essentially, it’s an eclectic curated stream of social media gleanings, personal interests, and random real-life experiences.

Generally speaking, the content over there is longer than a tweet but shorter than a blog post.

Since not everyone is familiar with that particular micro-blog platform, every so often I like to bring over some topics to share here. Below are a few recent favorites.


bigandeasyplayroomstorageHow I tackled our playroom reorganization

goin' global boardThe scoop on my fave Pinterest board

Tools for teaching kids game designTop game-making picks for aspiring designers

my favorite paper plannerMy personal favorite planner is old-school (yes, paper!)

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter poster

To my surprise, I liked “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

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