In Honor of the “How to Work and Homeschool” Blog Book Tour

how to work and homeschool blog book tour finale

I really couldn’t be happier with how this little “virtual tour” has turned out.  My first book has picked up quite a few readers and I’ve seen a surge in interest in the topic on Facebook, Pinterest, and the book’s website.

The goal with the tour–as with the book–is to promote a wider conversation about working homeschool parents. This book really just scratched the surface, y’all, of what needs to be discussed. I hope, moving forward, that we can continue to parse through challenges and opportunities inherent to the homeschool lifestyle.

Special thanks to the following blogs who have participated thus far:
• NEW: Big Little Living (interview)

•Jimmie’s Collage (review and giveaway) (guest post)
• Laughing at Chaos (review) (guest post)
• Slow Family Online (review)
• San Antonio Mom Blogs (review)

As of today, there’s two stops remaining on the tour:

Building Boys (forthcoming this week)

• And, last but not least, my friend Chris Barton interviewed me for his monthly newsletter. You can sign up for it via the yellow box on this page(scroll down)–and have a chance to win a copy of How to Work and Homeschool of your very own. (You’ll also need to follow the instructions on the giveaway when the newsletter comes out later this week.)

After the tour, I’ll be turning my attention to the topic of my second non-fiction book: bullying and social aggression in relation to gifted kids/2e and their families.

If you’ve followed me here and on my social media feeds, you will have noticed that topic is of great interest to me. That book isn’t out for a couple of years per my contract, so you can expect to see me give more weight to the subject moving forward here, there, and yonder. (And on Sulia and Pinterest, too.)

I also plan to continue tinkering with the fiction book that I started a few years back. Perhaps by the time the second non-fiction work comes out, I’ll be ready to shop that one to a publisher. (Or maybe I’ll just go DIY and self-publish. You never know!)

The takeaway for you, the reader, in all this?

Yes, you really can use a blog to help build–and promote–your career as an author.