{January Book Review & Giveaway} Lawn Gone! by Pam Penick

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Lawn Gone Giveaway on Red White and Grew

FTC Disclosure: Ten Speed Press, the publisher of the book to be given away, provided me a courtesy copy of the text for review. The retail value of this item is $19.99. Moreover, there is one Amazon Affiliate Link (identified with an asterisk) in this post. As a member of the affiliate’s program, whenever someone purchases an item through an affiliate link on my site, I receive a trivial amount of money for the referral. (Believe me, y’all, I blog for fun… not for the big $$$.)

Today half of the country is frozen solid from an epic cold front that has even us Southerners shivering. It was 22 degrees here in South Central Texas which is a far cry from the negative, double-digits my friends in the Great Lakes are experiencing.

But still. It’s cold outside, y’all.

The nippiness is yet another body blow on our yard, too. Between the drought, the highs of summer, and the unseasonable chilliness of this winter, our yard has taken a beating over the last couple of years.

Which is why I’ve enjoyed cozying up with a steaming hot cuppa and thumbing through a review copy of Pam Penick’s new book, Lawn Gone!: Low-Maintenance, Sustainable, Attractive Alternatives for Your Yard * (Ten Speed Press, 2013). Pam is an award-winning gardening blogger who happens to live a little over an hour away from me. Her fantastic blog, Digging, which is all about “gardening wisely and beautifully in a hot climate.”

The book isn’t just for those of us in (typically) warmer climes, however. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a lovely, low-maintenance yard that doesn’t gobble up precious resources like water and our spare time.  There are recommendations for plants suitable in various parts of the country as well as tips on how to deal with neighbors and HOAs who aren’t, um, as sophisticated about the topic of eco-friendly landscapes. Practical and no-nonsense writing coupled with gorgeous photography makes this the sort of book that you’ll turn to time and again as you join ranks with other homeowners in the “anti-lawn” movement.

Sound good? And are you feeling lucky?

Then hold on to your earmuffs, gang, because I’m giving away a copy of Lawn Gone! to one lucky RedWhiteandGrew.com reader this month.

Giveaway Details

Readers, would you like a chance to win Lawn Gone!? Leave a comment below describing why and/or how you’d use the information in this book in your own yard. (You’re also encourage to pin this post over on Pinterest for extra Karma points.)

The deadline to enter the drawing is Friday, January 15, 2014 at 5PM. The winner, chosen at random, will be announced in an update on this post the following week and via the RW&G Facebook page.

Good luck everyone! And stay warm!


  1. We discovered after buying our house that our front yard gets perfect sunlight for a veggie garden. But hubby loves his lawn tractor too much to give up any portion of our yard. I’d love a little bit to use for growing veggies.

  2. I need a little urging to get rid of the rest of my front lawn. Having gone from a pea gravelled ZEROscape, its hard to give up the green. But the turf suffers in competition with the shallow rooted shade tree.

  3. I strongly believe that the traditional lawn and the maintenance it requires is terrible for the environment. So I’ve let my lawn go…so to speak. It’s become overrun with weeds and I’m quite sure my neighbors hate me for it. The bees, bugs and bunnies love the clover, dandelions and other things that grow but it still needs to be mowed. I’d love to take it a step further and plant my “lawn” with something that never needs mowing. I know a copy of Lawn Gone would help me convert my weedscape into a lovely low maintenance landscape.

  4. As I age I’d like to lighten my duties. I have an acre of land and could use the inspiration from this book. Thanks.

  5. In the -12 degree weather yesterday, I pulled out my seed catalogs and gardening books and dreamed of converting our yard to something other than the mowing commitment that it now is! Lawn Gone looks like it will have inspirations and suggestions for making that dream real. Thanks for blogging, Pamela!

  6. We’ve been slowly removing lawn and creating garden spaces for food, bird and insect habitat, and for flowers. One of my beds is seriously overgrown and could use a LOT of help with organization and better utilization. I’d love to read this book to help out with these issues.

  7. For several years, I’ve been carving away at the lawn in our front yard: adding beds, planting trees and shrubs. Maybe it’s time to eliminate the lawn.

  8. I strive to make my (as well as my clients’) landscape beautiful and productive. Every year my lawn disappears as I create more vegetable and herb beds, meadow areas and native flower beds. I would like to convert additional lawn area to a “lawn” that is beneficial to pollinators and birds. I’m certain that Lawn Gone! can provide me with the information and inspiration to accomplish this.

  9. This book sounds perfect to help us transform our San Antonio yard into something low maintenance that can be enjoyed with our two young girls. Seems like a resource I’ll have to go find if I don’t win it here. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

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