Join Me at The Blood Red Pencil to Learn How Pinterest Helps Writers– and Stay Tuned for an Exciting “Development”

I’m guest posting over at The Blood Red Pencil today about how Pinterest helped me land a book deal.

An excerpt:

While it would be a stretch to say that my transition to author came entirely via Pinterest, I can say without reservation that a solid social media platform gave me a boost. This is why, when talking with aspiring fiction and non-fiction writers, as well as bloggers, who want to go from “blog to book,” I encourage them to hone their social media skills alongside writing and editing skills.

You can read the rest of the post here.

And if you came from that blog to this one today (welcome!), then you might want to read my Blog to Book series, join the new, cozy and private RW&G group on Facebook (lots of aspiring and established authors over there), or follow me on Pinterest.

Finally, if you’re curious about my first book or the topic of homeschooling, then stay tuned to my first book’s Facebook page for an *exciting* update later this week.



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