Our Pinterest Boards for First and Second Grade Homeschooling

We converted our son's artwork to notecards on Cafe Press this year--and then pinned the graphic to our "virtual scrapbook" on Pinterest.

Confession: I use Pinterest for all sorts of homeschool things–including both planning and documentation.

In fact, one of the most helpful ways I use it is to plan out and document our academic years–especially since we are “eclectic homeschoolers” and draw from a variety of sources and pedagogy techniques.

In late spring I create a new board for the upcoming year and start adding the workbooks and other primary materials we’ll be working with. Then, over the course of the year, I add things that we’ve found especially useful. This year I even included a pin to the artwork that our son turned into notecards over on Cafe Press. (That’s one of his notecards pictured above.)

At the end of the year I have a nice visual guide to the “year that was.” Sort of like a virtual scrapbook. (Mind you, we aren’t required legally to report our progress, but I find it really satisfying to look back on things.) The pin boards also comes in handy when I need to quickly find the name of book or locate a video we used to share with one of my homeschool coaching clients.

Would you like to take a look at our boards thus far?

See 2012-2013 (“first grade”) and 2013-2014 (“second grade”). And don’t forget to follow my Homegrown Kids Inspiration board as well as my How to Work and Homeschool board.

How do you use Pinterest in your homeschooling?

Eclectic homeschooling Pinterest Boards for early elementary years from RedWhiteandGrew.com