{Retro Red, White & Grew} Tips for Planting a Herb Spiral

Tips for Making an Herb Spiral with Joanna of Dirtiest Kid in the World for RedWhiteandGrew.com
Every Thursday this month I’m featuring some “golden oldie” garden posts from here at RedWhiteandGrew.com.

This week I’d like to remind you of a post by Joanna of Dirtiest Kid in the World. (She and her family left San Antonio for Austin since her guest post appeared here. Bummer!)

A herb spiral is a fun family project–and a spiral is a great way to keep delicious culinary herbs in easy reach. It’s hard to beat a fragrant bunch of herbs in your hands at twilight and on your table at dinner time. Plus, if you’re late putting in your garden this year (ahem, like me) then a herb spiral with a couple of potted tomato plants will give you a taste of the local terroir with minimal fuss.

Joanna’s tips on planting herb spirals is here. The post includes a link for how to make a spiral, too.

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