{Round Up} Tips for Summer Travels with Your Family

Family Friendly Summer Travel Tips via RedWhiteandGrew.com

The long Memorial Day weekend looms large as do thoughts of summer travel.  As I wrote last year, I’m a big believer in traveling with kids here in the states as well as abroad.

Today I want to introduce you to some family-friendly travel posts published by a few of my fellow Central Texas bloggers.

Going on a road trip? Lisa Branam has a list of 10 essentials. Her advice to keep an easily accessible change of clothes handy for every passenger is as valid for car travel as air travel. (Someday I’ll share my personal experience with food poisoning on an American Airlines flight over the North Atlantic. For now, just trust me when I say avoid the inflight pasta dish at all costs and, parents, definitely carry a change of clothes down to your own silky drawers.)

Destination: Grand Canyon Thus far we’ve only seen the canyon from the air, but if we ever make a trip by land then I’ll definitely refer to this post by Becca of R We There Yet Mom? The idea of the shuttle buses seems nice since it means that the family driver can take in the view safely, too.

Traveling with wee ones Since our kiddie was a colicky critter, we didn’t travel as a family unit until he was a year old. If you’ve got a younger baby–5 months of age or so–you might find this post from Kiss My Bump handy. I completely agree with her that the security check adventure gets trickier with a kid in tow. Lisa Branam has a post on flying with a preschooler and flying with a toddler. Planning to fly solo with a baby? Bless your brave soul. (You might want to read this.)

Two-wheel staycation If you’re planning to stay closer to home and explore your area’s geography and cultural amenities, you might want to plan for rain. (Yes, even in drought-stricken Texas, it happens. Occasionally.) Anna Cohen Miller did a nice story about bike travel in San Antonio for the Rivard Report. If I were younger and more athletic, I might try some of her tips in a bike-friendly city like Amsterdam.

Enjoy the journey en famille Out of all the posts that I read on the topic of travel by the talented pool of San Antonio bloggers, I have to say that this one by my friend Lilliana of My Tots Travel resonated the most. In her words:

Regardless of any specific activity or location you get to visit remember to enjoy they journey. Embrace the craziness that is traveling with kids and realize that soon they’ll be adults and these precious moments will be the stuff of great memories and fun family stories that you’ll long for once they’re grown. [Read more]

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Happy trails, y’all.


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