{Retro Red, White & Grew} The Three Sisters Garden

Have you ever grown a Three Sisters Garden? It's a wonderful lesson in food cultivation and history
Every Thursday this month I’m featuring some “golden oldie” garden posts from here at RedWhiteandGrew.com.

This week I’m featuring another guest contribution by my friend Julie of Growing Days.

I’ve always loved the idea of a Three Sisters garden not only because of what it teaches about the earth but also history.

From Julie’s original post:

Originating with Native American tribes, the Three Sisters refer to corn, beans, and squash—also renown as the “sustainers of life.” Each plant interacts with its companions to thrive. The corn provides a support for the bean vines to climb. The beans fix nitrogen into the soil to feed future crops of corn. The squash vines shade the mound, serving as a living mulch to prevent weeds and retain moisture. Squash also helps protect the planting with its prickly vines, as predators avoid becoming entangled in the vines. When the season is through, all of the plants can be composted to build soil for future gardens.

It’s a great summer project for homeschool families and afterschoolers, too.

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