{Book Review} “Attack! Boss! Cheat Code!”is Great for Gamers and Non-Gamers Alike

Attack! Boss! Cheat Code! A Gamer's Alphabet reviewed by Pamela Price of RedWhiteandGrew.com

This October I received my Halloween treat early.

The lovely folks at POW! sent along a review copy of their new book, Attack! Boss! Cheat Code! (Note that you can purchase a copy of the book via my Amazon Affiliate* link here.)

I’ve never had the pleasure to meet the talented illustrator, Joey Spiotto, but author Chris Barton and I go waaaay back. To high school and college, in fact, where I stood in awe even then of his way with words.

When I first heard about this new book, I pegged it as being strictly for kids. Boy, I was wrong. What I love about the collaboration between this particular author and illustrator is how helpful it is for those us who are non-gamers (read: parents of a certain age). See, although I played my first video game way back in the 1970s (thanks to much older, computer-savvy cousins) and loved Pac-Man and the faux-feminist Ms. Pac-Man, I never really caught the gaming bug. This might be due in part to the fact that my dad insisted on buying me a Commodore VIC-20 instead of the Atari I wanted because he wanted me to “learn real computers.”

Now guess who strained his thumb from excessive game play?

Um, yeah. My dad.

On a low-rent Pac-Man knock-off that he totally hogged at nights and weekends.


I forgive while I digress.

Living on the fringe of the gaming world until I became a parent of a very sandbox game-oriented kid, I knew just enough  game lingo to pass as “not totally clueless.” Thanks to Chris, I feel more versed on the basic terms, and I really wish that we’d have had a book like this when our kiddo was younger as he was just starting out with the vocabulary.  The vibrant illustrations reflect a few decades of games so there are visuals evoking everything from Mario Brothers to Minecraft–making it a charming gift for game fans of all ages.

In short, Attack! Boss! Cheat Code! is fresh, fun, and engaging. It’s a total win for kids as well as this middle-age “n00b.”

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