Life When a Kiss can Kill

This post offers a glimpse into the life of a young adult with food allergies. It’s a worthwhile and important read.

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For those of us with food allergies, especially severe ones, poison lurks in the most innocuous of things. That granola bar your friend just ate? It probably has nuts in it. Your favorite ice cream? One day it’s safe, the next they’ve changed manufacturing and now it’s cross-contaminated. The oatmeal you eat every morning? You can’t have any other breakfast products by that company. Your new boyfriend or girlfriend? If they aren’t thinking about what they eat as carefully as you are, that next kiss might send you to the emergency room.

I have found that there are four things that happen frequently that make food allergies just that much more difficult to live with. 1. Discovering one of your favorite foods is cross-contaminated while grocery shopping. 2. You go to an unfamiliar restaurant and have to check ingredients on seemingly everything. 3. No one brought a list of ingredients…

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Life When a Kiss can Kill