How some of America’s most gifted kids wind up in prison

This is one more reason why so many of us are advocating for increased understanding of giftedness and twice-exceptionality. An important post worth reading and sharing.


  1. Pamela, this breaks my heart. I’m sitting here, typing through tears. I used to work in Boston and Chelsea, MA as a school psych and counselor. I knew many Mannys and Lamonts. Every time I would test an adolescent at a juvenile detention facility, I would be enraged over the scores. Without fail, the student was either learning disabled but never flagged, or extremely bright with bad circumstances. This article makes me want to go back more than I already do, but I’m doing this homeschooling thing right now. Thank you for sharing.

    • As easy as it would be to become overwhelmed and depressed by this, I’m reminded that the work that you and I do, Cait, online and IRL to increase awareness about G/2E. This article really puts it into perspective: we need greater understanding and appreciation across the board to help minimize a lifetime of pain.

      • You’re right, I have to think of it in that way. I miss being right in the heart of it, but I’m not in a place to do that well at this phase of motherhood and homeschooling. Increasing awareness is so important.

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