If I’m So Smart, Why Aren’t I Successful?

This post by my friend Paula is fantastic and dovetails with my own recent post about redefining metrics for “success” beyond the narrow definition of academic achievement.

The last couple of paragraphs here are golden. Truly.

Thanks, Paula.

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photo by Kevin T. Houle, creative commons, Flickr photo by Kevin T. Houle, creative commons, Flickr

Smart people are rich and famous. They win Nobel Prizes and Genius Grants. They’re high achievers and arrogant. They don’t waste time on the little people. Right?


Well, OK. I guess that some smart people are all of the above. Or parts of the above. Maybe your Uncle Charlie. But how many are, say, none of the above? And if you are one of the none of the above, do you believe that you just aren’t all that smart? Do you think that you’ve fooled everyone only because you happen to be witty every once in a while, and people are so darned gullible? Do you believe that you’re really an impostor? In fact, most days you’re a total failure for now and all eternity?

But: What is success, anyway? What makes a successful life? Is it some grand achievement? What is achievement? Some people…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog, Pamela! I certainly thought of your recent posts when I wrote this. Wish we lived in the same town and could meet this afternoon for tea.

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