{KLRN Virtual Classroom} How to Use PBS Learning Media in a Homeschool Setting

PBS Learning Media is a great resource for homeschool families. Come learn more about it and the KLRN Virtual Classroom project, too.

As you may have read here and here, I’m helping out with a pilot project with KLRN San Antonio.

The gist?

We’re developing a prototype program (“KLRN Virtual Classroom” and #KLRNVirtual) that will better connect homeschoolers with PBS’s vast array of educational resources. (If you’d like to share your ideas on what we can do to serve homeschool families, you can participate in this survey, which closes on Monday, June 8, 2015.)

I’m working on the team as a Gifted Homeschoolers Forum (GHF) board member. When I told some of my GHF blog friends about the project, vlogger Doresa Jen said she’d whip up a short YouTube video explaining how she uses PBS Learning Media with her homeschool kiddos. And that’s just what she did!

Take a look at Doresa’s video, share your thoughts in comments, and be sure to pass along her video link along to your homeschool friends.

P.S. For more on the #KLRNVirtual project, be sure to look for the hashtag on Twitter. (Look me up over there, too: @RedWhiteandGrew.)

P.P.S. Look for an announcement here soon about my new book, on bullying and gifted/2e families, due later this summer from GHF Press! (You’ll see Doresa’s name mentioned in it, too.)