Join Us to View “Autism in Love” on Feb. 8!


Join us to view Autism in Love on Feb 8 2016


For a few years now, I’ve hosted a private, underground “virtual salon” with a couple hundred readers and friends. Our topics are broad and varied: parenting, giftedness, eldercare, PBS/BBC Sherlock, and a thousand other things. The tone is respectful, collegial and, frankly, the exact opposite of most conversations that you’ll find on the Internet.

One word that comes close to describing the experience is the Danish word “hygge.” Being of Danish descent myself, I really love the definition, which is somewhat hard to pin down in English. As I understand it, it’s a feeling of coziness that comes about when good, friendly people come together for a good time.

We’ve been puzzling for some time now how we could share the positive interactions we have regularly with non-salon members. Thanks to our friends at PBS-affiliate KLRN and the OVEE team, we’ve found something to try.

On February 8, 2016 at 8PM Central Time, We’re hoping to spark some “virtual hygge” as we come together to view a new PBS documentary, “Autism in Love.”  We’ll be using the OVEE platform to view the show and discuss it in real time.

Why did we choose this documentary?

For starters, Valentine’s Day looms and, well, the new doc is about “love.” It seemed like a logical choice.

More than that, several of our salon members are on the Autism spectrum or are raising children on the spectrum. We thought this show would be a good opportunity to explore an important topic presented by a reliable source.

If the event goes well, we hope to launch a series of viewings about a number of different topics. Joining me as moderator for this event will be Inga Cotton, a fellow San Antonio-based blogger who is familiar with the OVEE platform. KLRN staff will be on hand, too.

Would you, dear reader, care to join us?

If so, then  click here to RSVP ASAP. (Yes, you will need to use your email address to RSVP, but you may remain anonymous or use a pseudonym during the viewing.)



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