The One Book You Need to Create Your Micro-School



Homeschoolers often seek to join or create small learning communities to supplement their home-based efforts. Such was the case for us a couple of years ago, when we joined forces with several local families to tinker with the micro-school concept.

One of our main resources for that endeavor was my friend Jade Rivera, a Bay Area independent educator who has been fine-tuning micro-schooling for gifted and twice-exceptional kids.

Her insights were invaluable to us.

Now, thanks to GHF Press, others can benefit from Jade’s hard-earned wisdom. Earlier this year her first book, Micro-Schools: Creating Personalized Learning on a Budget (Amazon Affiliate Link), made its debut. In it, Jade guides educators (professional and parent alike) through the nuts and bolts of micro-schooling, which frankly, due to its small size and intense focus can be as beneficial in traditional schools and community learning centers as it is for independent homeschoolers.

Direct and encouraging, Jade covers many relevant topics in the text, from selecting a mission and hiring a lead instructor to fostering community among parents. She also includes sample contracts and a list of additional resources. Indeed, although the text is geared primarily at the gifted education market, the core content regarding design and implementation is relevant for people working with diverse target demographics.

The book is, essentially, a steal. For less than $10 (or less than $5 if you purchase it on Kindle), you can get your hands on the essentials to get you started.

If you’ve got extra funds, however, note that for 2016 Jade is offering a summer micro-school institute through which she personally will walk you through the micro-school start up, launch, and implementation phases. You can read more about that here.

Remember: whether you’re serious or just curious about micro-schooling, I personally cannot think of a better resource than Jade Rivera.

*Disclosure Statement: I received one courtesy review copy of this text from the publisher, who also happens to be my own publisher. All opinions expressed here are my own. There is one Amazon Affiliate link embedded in this post–clearly identified in the text, from which I receive minimal compensation for books purchased through it.

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