{Big Ideas} Tall Poppies, Workplace Bullying, and “Mobbing”

Gifted adults may be easy targets for workplace bullying

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This weekend over on LinkedIn, I put up a new post on workplace bullies and gifted adults. It’s something that I’d been contemplating for awhile, but last week the pieces fell together.

An excerpt:

Last week, in the wake of a Twitter conversation that sparked awareness about emotional abuse, a few of us were talking in my blog’s private online salon about workplace bullying. While researching the issue further, I discovered a new term: “mobbing.”

The descriptions sound similar to “mean girls” behavior, but with less eye-rolling and greater potential to muck up your career. According to one source, “mobbing” comes from the animal world, where one duckling may be cruelly pecked by the flock for being different. [Read more]