{Big Ideas} A New Study on Workaholism: What Does it Mean for 2E Adults?


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Plos One  published a large study on workaholism that links it to ADHD, OCD, anxiety and depression. It seems relevant to many populations, but I’m thinking “grown and flown” gifted/twice-exceptional adults need to give this some serious thought.

I dashed off a general post about it this morning over on Linked In, but I didn’t break the news down for 2E folks in particular. That conversation fits better here at RedWhiteandGrew.com, I think.

Here’s what I’m mulling over along those lines.

Since young, bright women are, according to researchers, especially prone to workaholism, this study has some hidden insights for parents. For starters, teaching mindfulness and self-care in the home from an early age may be preventative, giving young adults rootedness in something other than work (or school or sports or whatever).

Quick thoughts on workaholism and gifted and 2e adults from RedWhiteandGrew.com

Adults, too, will want to give pause to considering whether their hyper-fixation on work is a result of hyperfocus (which often attends ADHD) or flow, a more benign but still intense state of satisfaction and productivity. Personally, I think they’re two sides of the same coin and require mindful self-management strategies to keep the “flow” side facing up.

If you’d like to weigh in here about what this study might mean for 2E people (specifically those with giftedness and comorbid ADHD, OCD, anxiety, or depression), I’m all ears here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.