A Blog Post 30+ Years in the Making

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When I was a girl, one of my dreams was to become a publisher. (I  wanted to be an actress and an astronaut, too, but those were more pie-in-the-sky.)

Before our son was born, my last job was as the managing editor of a lovely regional cultural magazine. Then for the next decade I freelanced, blogged, and wrote a couple of books while primarily tending to my family–doing just enough writing work to keep my resume going.

Now it’s time to put myself back on track for that original publishing dream.

In 2018 I will formally launch THE TEXAS WILDFLOWER, a web-based publication dedicated to the Lone Star State’s Hill Country region, at TheTexasWildflower.com.

I’m not sure if this is my life’s second or third act, but I’m excited.

No, terrified.

Okay, terrified and excited.

This is, after all, a rather daring effort to pair my blogging knowledge with my freelancing–and to make a mid-life run at turning one little girl’s dream a reality. I spent the summer learning about business plans, and, in August, I formed an LLC. Now I’m knee-deep in figuring out email marketing lists and setting up story interviews. And then there’s all the newfangled technology not to mention the research into the region on which I’m focusing my writing. Phew!

On this new learning curve, however, I’m finding renewed clarity and deeper meaning in my journalism. Critical, forgotten parts of me are springing back to life after a series of meaningful but at-times difficult years. (This is something I’ve seen happen for several other middle-aged women friends lately, and it’s reassuring to witness–especially after this last year’s journey. Making the choice to be primarily an at-home parent is one thing. Moving back to a full-time career, even after years of part-time work, can be jarring.)

As I move into this fresh phase of my career at an intentionally measured pace, I’d dearly love to take ALL OF YOU with me. More updates will follow, but, if you visit the website, you’ll see all my social media channels are in place. There’s a chance for you to subscribe to my free monthly newsletter that launches in October. Best of all, you can see my logo!

Will you come along for the ride?




P.S. RedWhiteandGrew.com isn’t going anywhere.



  1. What great news! I’m so excited for you and will eagerly follow along. Cheers, Suz

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