Foodie Love: Let’s Go to a Secret Supper




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The atmosphere is festive and intimate, albeit a tad chilly. Porch space heaters are cranked up to full blast as a historic December snowfall is underway. Indeed, when the wind picks up and moves the festive black crepe paper streamers suspended over a nearby gate, the white stuff is visibly accumulating on cars parked outside.

None of us had anticipated the snow.

But then until 48 hours earlier, none of us knew where precisely we’d be supping tonight, either.

Like the evening’s menu, the location is initially part of the “secret,” part of the mystery that adds to the appeal of this culinary adventure.  Popular on the East and West Coasts, a Spaniard named Fernando Ortega has brought the “secret supper” trend to San Antonio.

And on this frosty December night, eight of us are game enough to brave the weather and try it. [Read More]