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Promoting my first book on a Central Texas morning show

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RedWhiteandGrew.com represents the intersection of my interests, skills, and professional training. It’s an eclectic mix, but there are four core areas: blogging, speaking, coaching, and writing.

Let’s explore those areas further, shall we?


Initially I launched this blog in 2008 as a way to explore and promote the idea of “victory gardening.” (Hence the patriotic, eco-friendly name.)

Gradually, however, the blog transformed (or, if you will, GREW) into a space through which I share my diverse interests: education, bullying, self-care, parenting, and eldercare. For fun, I’ve tossed out a recipe or two and mused at length on BBC/PBS Sherlock. (Warning: I’m a major PBS fangirl. The proof is in the videos.)

The blog’s current tagline — “Modern life in the spirit of the Victory Garden”–sums all of the change up nicely, I think.

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With my second book, on bullying, I have spoken to parent groups, at conferences, and to school kids.  The topic of bullying is the one about which I’m most passionate right now–and my rates are reasonable.

Curious to see how I look and sound as a speaker?

A few years ago, when RedWhiteandGrew.com was still new–and I was focused on issues related to food security in the wake of the Great Recession, I gave a TEDx talk in San Antonio. You can view it below.

Interested in having me speak to your group? Drop me a note.


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Given my writing, the bulk of my coaching clients have come to me for advice on working while homeschooling, homeschooling/afterschooling, or returning to the workforce after a gap in work history. In other words, I’ve talked to a lot of parents about education and life-long learning.

As someone who fell into homeschooling (thanks to a food allergy),  you should know that I embrace the idea that there are many “right paths” when it comes to education. Each client family’s situation is different and, as a coach, I believe that “Cookie-cutters are for cookies, not educational or career plans.”

Some of my clients stay with their public/private school setup, some begin homeschooling (short or long-term), others opt for charters or micro-schools. I think that diversity in options and strategies is optimal. It’s my client family’s journey, not mine, and I enjoy helping parents make those tough decisions.

Interested in hiring me to coach you? Drop me a note or save a little money and reach out to me via PopExpert.com.

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My LinkedIn profile says that I’ve been writing professionally for 13 years, but I’ve been a writer since the day my parents gave me a used typewriter with which to play in a spare bedroom.

Pretty much everything on this page came from that part of my childhood.

Funny how things work out, eh?

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