Thanks in part to RWG, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a great editor on two small parenting books published in 2013 and 2015.

Gifted, Bullied, Resilient: A Brief Guide for Smart Families
(GHF Press, 2015)

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A collection of reviews

Note that the most frequent reader feedback I’ve received about Gifted, Bullied, Resilient is that “this book isn’t just for families of gifted/2e kids!”

Early chapters underscore how this demographic has special issues, but the nuts-and-bolts chapters regarding dealing with bullying in schools (homeschool coops) and how to nurture resilience are relevant to a broader audience.

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How to Work and Homeschool: Practical Advice, Tips, and Strategies from Parents

(GHF Press, 2013)  and Barnes & Noble.

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