Climate Friendly Gardening

It’s #twitter4vg Tuesday again, and for discussion I thought I’d put up a link to a new guide (“The Climate Friendly Gardener”*) produced by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

To consider: Is climate change a factor in your gardening efforts? How so?

Take a look at the text and feel free to share your reactions here, on Twitter (please use the #twitter4vg hashtag) or on the  RW&G FB page.

*Credit to KGI’s FB page for discovering the white paper and sharing it yesterday.

Climate Friendly Gardening

Pest Peeve




In case you haven’t heard, I’ve got  voles

The little critters were content to nibble on dandelion greens but then “discovered” the onion sets and swiss chard seedlings this morning. I have one thing to say about that: $#%^!

Anyway, this trouble isn’t exactly “new” to gardens and gardeners. And as Andrew Keys rightly pointed out today on RW&G’s Facebook page, calling them “voles” makes it sort of fun to complain about them. (Sort of…)

Goin’ retro, I went looking (okay, Googling) for rodents in old-school victory gardens and came up with this 1944 article by G.C. Oderkirk, which warns the bastards’ populations are cyclical. Hello, upswing.

Let me close this short post with a warning to the varmint(s) out back: my favorite preschool rhyme was this song and I had a cat named PhuPhu once, so I’m not going to call any fairies into rescue you if a cat, hawk or snake comes along to take you out.

Just sayin’.

Image source: Wikimedia

Pest Peeve