Climate Friendly Gardening

It’s #twitter4vg Tuesday again, and for discussion I thought I’d put up a link to a new guide (“The Climate Friendly Gardener”*) produced by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

To consider: Is climate change a factor in your gardening efforts? How so?

Take a look at the text and feel free to share your reactions here, on Twitter (please use the #twitter4vg hashtag) or on the  RW&G FB page.

*Credit to KGI’s FB page for discovering the white paper and sharing it yesterday.

Climate Friendly Gardening

#Twitter4vg Tuesday 2010 KickOff!

We’re bringing back the snappiest garden-y Twitter hashtag (#twitter4vg) for another year! 

To get Tweeple fired up about the idea of talking veggie gardening–and to hopefully recruit new gardeners, we’re giving away a free pair of Womanswork high-performance work gloves (pale lime, size Medium) on Tuesday, March 16 at 5pm CST. To be eligible to win, you just have to declare your interest in participating in this year’s weekly chats on this page by 5pm. 

As for the first topic of the year, it’s “Getting Started in the Garden.” The March 16 #twitter4vg Tuesday is a free-range chat day, which means we’ll be talking all day long.

So be sure to tweet out relevant links and advice when you can–and be sure to include the #twitter4vg hashtag so we can find one another!

P.S. Got ideas or suggestions for topics, guest hosts or giveaways? Tell us in comments!

#Twitter4vg Tuesday 2010 KickOff!