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For the Victory Garden Fans and History Buffs

A vintage school garden poster


A few weeks back I had a guest post by Rose Hayden-Smith. Now there’s a new post up over at Seasonal Wisdom,  an interview with Rose.

Here’s a snippet:

SW: How did you learn about this army of student gardeners? Is it very well-known?

Rose: I learned about it by chance in an obscure reference in an article by O.L. Davis, probably in the fall of 2002. I was immediately hooked. Why had no one heard about this or written anything but a short article?

SW: What did you find the most fascinating about this national group of student gardeners?

Rose: Several things. The United States School Garden Army was likely the first federal curriculum from the nation’s Bureau of Education, and it elevated gardening and food production – and education about that – to an act of vital importance to national security, an act of civic virtue, of patriotism … all within the context of wartime.

Good stuff here for history buffs, gardeners and homeschoolers. Read more here.



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There’s a New Edible Garden Book by Niki Jabbour that You Might Want to Read

Niki Jabbour's "Groundbreaking Food Gardens" by Storey Publishing, 2014

FTC Disclosure: This post contains an Amazon Affiliate link.*

Niki Jabbour has a new book out, Groundbreaking Food Gardens (Storey Publishing, 2014), and the Toronto Star has a nice write-up on it:

Jabbour, who lives in Nova Scotia, spent two years “stalking” (her word) a who’s who of horticultural honchos across North America, asking them for suggestions. Almost every person she contacted was eager to co-operate and the results are rather mind-boggling. Her book contains no fewer than 73 detailed garden plans with specific “themes” — yes, 73 — and they’re all centred on things we can eat. [More]

The book sounds terrific and worth a read–if for no other reason than to check out the “hot dog garden” theme by Amanda Thomsen of the popular, divinely unconventional garden blog, Kiss My Aster.

*Basically, if you purchase the book mentioned in this post via–in print or via Kindle, then I receive a teeny-tiny bit of money for the transaction. Mostly, however, I include the link to help you locate the book. 

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