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I’m guest blogging this week

…over at Happy Chickens Lay Healthy Eggs (@happychickens) about how young people can plant their own victory gardens.

Come help me encourage young people to get growing!

While you’re there, you can learn how Orren (the blogger) is working to persuade the Obamas to add chickens to the White House gardening effort. He’s even got a Twitter petition for you to sign!


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First Lady to Launch Significant Childhood Obesity Initiative Today

It’s called the “Let’s Move” campaign, and it merits mention here at RW&G because Mrs. Obama clearly regards the White House kitchen garden as central to her efforts. @Obamafoodorama will be live tweeting the campaign’s unveiling at noon E.T. today. (Transcript of remarks)

Video from Good Morning America is here. (Thanks to Colleen from for the link to it via Twitter!)


• Unconfirmed but heard from reliable source that FLOTUS will be on Larry King Live tonight.
• The Let’s Move campaign’s website is here, with links to Facebook page, etc.


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