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I’m guest blogging this week

…over at Happy Chickens Lay Healthy Eggs (@happychickens) about how young people can plant their own victory gardens.

Come help me encourage young people to get growing!

While you’re there, you can learn how Orren (the blogger) is working to persuade the Obamas to add chickens to the White House gardening effort. He’s even got a Twitter petition for you to sign!


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Guest Post: Chi-Town Victory Gardens (Part 1)


LaManda Joy and her husband, Peter

Note: This is the first of two guest posts by LaManda Joy (@theyarden), who will present “Chicago Victory Gardens: Yesterday and Tomorrow” at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show (@chicagoflower) on March 14th at 1pm and at the Chicago Dank-Haus on March 28th at 2pm. For more information and to order tickets, visit

I’ve always envisioned this blog to be a clearinghouse for stories such as the one that LaManda shares today. If you have a similar account and would like to have it posted here as a guest post (with links back to your own blog), slip a note into comments (moderated) and I’ll contact you. Alternatively, pass me a note on Twitter (@redwhiteandgrew) or on Facebook.

Victory Gardens are igniting a curiosity and passion today. I wonder what stirs each of us to get engaged in gardens that don’t even exist anymore? While we may share similar hooks–love of history, worries about cost or quality of food, environmental concerns, etc.–we all have our unique stories, experiences and dreams that draw us to this fascinating topic. Here’s mine… Continue reading


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