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Everything Old is New Again

Love the way this article, “BC Grew WWII Gardens” by Battle Creek Enquirer‘s Ryan Holland, starts off seeming to be a modern-day story, but is actually an oldie (but goodie!).

On mornings when the rain stayed away, George C. Eddinger Sr. of 96 Arthur St. would rise at 5 a.m., pack a lunch and walk three miles to his garden plot, which he had plowed himself by hand.

Sometimes passing motorists would give the elderly man a ride, but he enjoyed ambling through the cool morning. Born in 1853, he was no stranger to war, and he walked with a clear purpose. Continue reading


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I’m guest blogging this week

…over at Happy Chickens Lay Healthy Eggs (@happychickens) about how young people can plant their own victory gardens.

Come help me encourage young people to get growing!

While you’re there, you can learn how Orren (the blogger) is working to persuade the Obamas to add chickens to the White House gardening effort. He’s even got a Twitter petition for you to sign!

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