In November 2011–and prior to my diagnosis of Celiac disease, I started the process of jotting down and preserving recipes from my own kitchen as well as that of my mother–Audrey -and her family. Most of the items were the sweets and bake goods that Mom envisioned making and selling in a shop someday.

Gradually, I started to add in my own recipes, too.

Mindful of the impact of good nutrition on well-being and health, I aspire to feed my family primarily minimally processed, whole foods. The main dishes and sides shared here, while influenced by Mom’s technique, are mostly my own creations. (She never wrote down everyday essentials, working instead from memory.)

I will say that unlike many women of her generation, Mom rarely prepared recipes that relied heavily upon canned soups, processed cheese and such. I am grateful to her for that because I never developed a taste for those things.

Yes, Mom was a proponent of “fresh and local” and “clean eating” long before it was trendy. That’s because she grew up in a (once) small Texas town (Pearland) where gardens and chickens were mainstays, not novelties. And although her home garden was never as abundant as that of her father’s, we made frequent trips to farmer’s markets and roadside stands.  Today I share those “local food adventures” with my own child. It’s his legacy now.

As the recipes are added on the site, I incorporate links to them from this page. This  facilitates your locating them easily.


Simple, wholesome ingredients accessible in the kitchen… that’s one key to a healthy household.

The Recipes, So Far

Black Bean Salsa
Easy Holiday Appetizer Plate

Main Dishes & Staples

Fiesta Coleslaw
Globe Trotter’s Split Pea Soup
Homemade Lentil Patties
Mixed Veggies Grilled on a Panini Maker
Quick and Easy Veggie Tacos
Sunbutter Sandwich
Roasted Vegetable Spectacular, Part 1: The Roasting
Roasted Vegetable Spectacular, Part 2: Casual Veggies & Pasta
Roasted Vegetable Spectacular, Part 3: Savory Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Savory Black Bean Soup
Simple Crockpot Black Beans
Sliced and Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Three Bean Chili
Turkey Divan**

Apricot Coffee Cake
Audrey’s Holiday Sugar Cookie*
Banana Bread**
Best Ever Chocolate Frosting*
Chocolate Peppermint Mayo Cake*
Chocolate Walnut Puffs
Chocolate Whiskey Cake*
Pumpkin Tea Bread*
Red, White & GREW-berry Muffins (from the old RW&G site)
Sweet Cheeses! Pancake Rolls

Snacks and Such

Black Bean Nachos
Healthy Bagged Microwave Popcorn

Guest Posts & Other Things

Classic, Quirky Southern Holiday Appetizers
Peppermint Biscotti from Farmstead Chef
Strictly for the Birds: Nut-Free Bird Seed Cookies by Kristin Crouch

*Indicates recipes from my mother
**Indicates recipes from my mother but adapted by me

Audrey’s Holiday Sugar Cookies

Homemade Banana Bread

Easy Holiday Appetizer Plate, inspired by Julia Usher

Savory Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

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