The Magic of Gingerbread: Building Memories Alongside Skills

Child's gingerbread house

Today’s post is an article I wrote for a sub-paper of the Boerne Star. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this story. I’ve fully embraced Kit’s playful, learning-centered approach to gingerbread house making! (She hates having her picture made, so I’m leaving it off of this post.)

Note that this is most likely my last post for 2012, so I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday break and a very happy 2013.


Within a few decades, the holiday gingerbread house has transformed from novelty into seasonal staple. Lifestyle magazines and newspapers showcase grand and eccentric versions, and supermarket stockers crowd easy-to-assemble kits on to store shelves.

Meanwhile one enterprising Leon Springs woman has built a business around gingerbread house construction.

Each year, Kit Myers and her team of “gingerbread angels” oversee the construction of 500 individual houses. This is all accomplished in the spirit of teamwork and community building in Myers’ popular gingerbread workshops.

“The first workshop that I did was with my daughter. I knew it was going to be a learning curve, but I also knew right away it was something that I’d want to continue to do,” says Myers. “We use the term ‘workshop’ because of the holiday idea of Santa and his elves, but there has always been an instructional component in the middle of the party-like atmosphere. Real learning is involved.”

Myers points out that while people may perceive gingerbread house construction as intimidating, there are “no real mistakes that cannot be corrected by a little extra frosting and candy.” Continue reading “The Magic of Gingerbread: Building Memories Alongside Skills”

The Magic of Gingerbread: Building Memories Alongside Skills